Chitkabrey : The Sexiest movie of Bollywood

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Chitkabrey : The Sexiest movie of BollywoodMay 2 Sunit Arrora : An engineer became movie producer and made the most successful hit movie of Bollywood “Chitkabrey” more commonly known as “The Sexiest movie of bollywood”. Even before the release “Chitkabrey” became of talking stalk at internet world. It has been praised at film festivals in India and foreign countries and after this recognition “Chitkabrey” became the most comment topic at Social Networking websites.

Sweetlana Manolyo sexy sexiest movie of Bollywood chitkabreyIt is said that this movie have very bold clips then ever filmed for any movie at bollywood and getting popularity among social media users. People are taking interest at the movie and commenting on the news posted at various Networking websites. Sunit Arrora want “A” certification for this movie and said he created this movie for adults only. This movie is all about the changing new age relation on the age of technical revolution.

Bhojpuri movie star Ravi Kishan is the leading actor of the movie and Sweetlana Manolyo are the leading stars of the movie. Sweetlana Manolyo gave some really hot scenes and one of the love making scenes is leaked and available at various websites and getting popularity among internet users. According to Sunit Arrora to make the movie scenes he got the actress topless and has many bold scenes. He even said that no other movie is near to this movie and stated this “The Sexiest Movie of Bollywood”

sweetlana manolyo hot chitkabrey hot scenesThis movie might be the most sexiest movie of bollywood but hurting India Culture. What you think about the impact of this movie on Indian Society, we appreciate your comments here and the best commenter will get a “Movie DVD” as gift.

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4 Comments for “Chitkabrey : The Sexiest movie of Bollywood”

  1. Dr. Jai Prakash Gupta

    The above description doesn’t tell the story or the theme of this movie. It goes on explaining that it is the Sexiest Movie of the Bollywood.
    What I would like to submit is that if the content of the story and theme is not anti-social and anti-national and gives some positive food for thought, then there is no harm in having some topless scenes as per the demand of the story. But…….it must be prohibited strictly for minors, that’s what I would say firmly.

  2. Vinay Sharma Hi Richa, what I believe in that, no body makes an effort in vague each and every movement is planed and destined. who are we to worry about. if people buy it they will sell and make it. you stop buying they stop making. but still you wish to do some thing than just create awareness and let the people including young ones make to decide what is good or bad, have faith in your roots they are very deep.

  3. the movie is not shown the description is shallow and down market ……..what comment???/

  4. I have not seen the trailer of the Movie .But according to your comments,it is the sexiest bollywood movie,then we should differenciate between sexy and sexy exposure.If it appears to be sexy exposure then ii is wrong and will hurt the traditional feelings of Indian culture.If it is sexy that requires for the story then it should be viewed as per the directors view.More over we should accomplish to modern trends without talking of old customs and cultures,if it does not demoralise any individual.Morals and demorals too is according to the views of each individuals and not of a society.Society is always there to commend everyones personals.We should welcome the producers bold venture to bringout such a movie.

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